The screen (or verticut) gives you protection and privacy.
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This vertical blind modulates the temperature and reduces energy consumption by 28%. It ensures air circulation between the fabric and the glazing for optimal thermal protection. It is ideal for industrial, commercial and institutional buildings, as well as individual homes. The verticut can be installed inside or outside, in front or in the bay. Two types of slides are available for total occultation: occulting or penetrating slide. Three lines of extruded aluminum boxes are available: 120 mm round box, quarter round box or square box.

Classic Screens - Square Boxes

The Screen is available in 73 and 93 mm square boxes for a maximum dimension of 3400 x 3000 mm. The square box ensures discretion and flexibility of use. To know more about the Screen

Screens Classics - Quarter Round Boxes

The quarter round screens are available in 3 box sizes: 53, 73 and 93 mm, for a maximum dimension of 3000 x 3000mm. The quarter round boxes integrate with ease and aesthetics to any type of facade. To know more about it

Classic Screens - Round Boxes

The screen 120 has a round extruded aluminum box with a maximum dimension of 4000 x 4000mm. It is also available in a projection version with a maximum width of 2600 x 4000mm and a 500mm projection arm. To know more about this product

Protect click

Conductor blind, the protect click locks the load bar and automatically retracts the fabric for wind resistance. The fabric is thus maintained. The box is available in a round or quarter round shape. Learn more about this product


The zip blind offers maximum protection and privacy. Available in 93 mm quarter round and 123 and 93 mm square boxes. The boxes are made of extruded aluminum and are powder coated in a variety of RAL colors. To know more about our products


The blackout verticals are equipped with opaque fabrics for maximum blackout with 2 types of slides.
The 55mm wide blackout slider ensures maximum blackout without dimensional limits and allows for free installation inside or outside. To know more about this product

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