The box awning is the most suitable solution to reduce the external aggressions on your fabric.
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Our range of blinds meets all your expectations in terms of design and technicality. All our blinds of the box range are customizable at will (frame color, choice of fabric...)

On'x - On'x Lux - On'x Lux Volant

The visual line of the on'x range was created by a designer. Its ultra-trendy box and rounded shape thanks to its lateral ogives, fits perfectly into the architecture of your home. This high-tech awning is available in 4 versions, with or without the use of a... Read more

Ruby - Rubilux

The ruby range has a rounded shape at the level of its box. The ruby range answers to dimensions up to 17 m wide for a maximum projection of 4m. This range is available in Lux version: with white LED lighting integrated in the underside. To know more about this range

Quartz - Quartz Lux

Perfect for small terraces, it integrates with sobriety to any type of architecture and displays dimensions up to 6m wide and a maximum overhang of 3m to let you enjoy 18m² of shade. Learn more about this product

Amber - Ambre Lux

Compact box awning with a very small footprint and a rounded curvature. The amber blind is ideal for small spaces thanks to its adapted dimensions. The articulation of the arms of this blind is equipped with a double sheathed cable and offers a resistance up to 20000 cycles.... To know more about it


Protect side

This box awning offers you side protection against small wind breezes and protects you from prying eyes. The protect side also offers solar protection against UV rays. Read more about this product


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