Protect your awning in style with an awning box

The cassette awning is the ideal solution for minimizing external aggression on your fabric. Our range of cassette awnings meets all your expectations in terms of design and technical features. Each blind in the box range is fully customizable, offering a variety of choices for the frame and fabric.

Our different ranges

ON'X range: the ON'X cassette awning is ultra-fashionable. Its rounded box with side arches blends in perfectly with the architecture of your home. Available in 4 versions, with or without LED lighting integrated into the arms, with or without a roll-down valance, this high-tech blind is equipped with high-resistance arms incorporating the forty system.
- Different models available: ON'X, ON'X LUX, ON'X VOLANT

RUBIS range: RUBIS cassette awnings are available in sizes up to 17 m wide, with a maximum overhang of 4m. This range is available in a Lux version with integrated LED lighting under the face. The arms of this range are equipped with roller chains tested to 60,000 cycles.

  • Various models available: RUBIS, RUBILUX

QUARTZ range: Perfect for small terraces, the QUARTZ cassette awning is up to 6m wide and has a maximum overhang of 3m. The Quartz awning offers 18m² of shade. The Quartz awning arm joints are equipped with a double sheathed cable.

  • Different models available: QUARTZ, QUARTZ LUX

AMBRE range: The AMBRE cassette awning is compact and space-saving, with a rounded curvature. Ideal for small spaces, it offers resistance up to 20,000 cycles. In its LUX version, the AMBRE cassette awning is equipped with LEDs integrated into the rear half-arms.

PROTECT SIDE range: The PROTECT SIDE cassette awning offers lateral protection against light breezes, UV rays and prying eyes. The cassette is fixed to the wall and joins a receiving post. Thanks to its adjustable handle, the fabric unrolls smoothly and naturally.

  • Available in two shapes: rectangular or trapezoidal.

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