Banner blinds: ideal for large bay windows

With its large dimensions, the banette awning is the ideal solution for large glazed areas and shop fronts. Meeting the most demanding thermal criteria, our banner blinds reduce glare and heat by up to 95%. Available in three versions - projection blinds, vertical blinds with guides or vertical blinds with conductors - the banette blind adapts perfectly to your needs and the style of your façade.

Key features

    • Reduced glare and heat: the banette awning effectively reduces glare and heat by up to 95%, providing optimum thermal comfort.
    • Suitable for large glass surfaces: Designed specifically for large bay windows and shop fronts, the banette awning offers an aesthetic and functional solution.
    • Three versions available:
      - Projecting blind: ideal for creating shade and protecting your space from excessive heat.
      - Vertical blind with guides: an elegant solution for controlling light while preserving the aesthetics of the façade.
      - Vertical blind with conductors: allows precise adjustment of the fabric to suit your needs.
      - Meets demanding thermal criteria: banette blinds provide optimum thermal regulation performance.

Find out how our banner blinds can enhance your signage or elegantly cover large bay windows. Contact us now for personalized advice.

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