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Equip your OPEN pergola with multiple options: vertical blinds or awnings with adjustable slats, heating ramps for cooler evenings, RGB color lighting on the perimeter to go all night long. Customize your installation for optimal comfort.

Integrated led lighting
Lighting with or without light variation. As an option, you can add colored LEDs (RGB) on the perimeter of the structure.

Integrated heating
Adapted and integrated to your pergola, your heater is controlled by your remote control.

WIFI control
Control your pergola from your smartphone, tablet or computer, thanks to a WiFi control box. Thus you can control your pergola as you wish, from home or remotely, for maximum comfort.

Vertical fabric blinds
Protect yourself from prying eyes, or shelter from cool breezes, with vertical awnings. You can coordinate your awning fabric with your outdoor living room, the frame of your pergola or your outdoor blinds.

Protect Lames (NEW)
Marquises offers you a new way to protect yourself from the sun and bad weather while preserving your privacy. The Protect Lames is composed of fixed and adjustable slats, specially designed for vertical use, spread over the entire height of the pergola. The blades can be oriented up to 160° to optimize the passage of light.

Transparent panels
Create a new living space with a winter garden, thanks to sliding or fixed transparent panels.

Adjustable sunshade
Combine perfect outdoor sun protection with modern design. Thanks to their adjustable slats, they guarantee the right amount of light at any time of the day.

Make sure that your pergola will be used for a long time in rainy weather or during temperature variations, thanks to the rain and temperature sensors. Thus, in case of unexpected rain, the slats close automatically and in case of temperature lower than 2°C, the motors block automatically to preserve the mechanisms.

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