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With the new bioclimatic pergola Open'R²®, Bioqlim offers a model with a double retraction of the blades. The slats are divided into two distinct packages that separate in the center of the pergola roof when opened.
Maximum dimensions: 4000 x 5200 mm.

The "R" technology
Control the sun's rays with the "R" technology. This new system, designed by our R&D unit, allows both the transverse retraction of the slats and their orientation.

The double motorization
Remote control your pergola as you wish. The Open'R² ® pergola is equipped with a double motorization allowing you to direct and orient the blades (transversality and orientability).

Climate management
Manage your atmosphere as well as possible. With the Open' R²® pergola, you benefit from a controlled solar protection, favoring a natural air circulation.

A 4 seasons pergola
Enjoy your perloga Open' ® all year round. Thanks to intelligent motorized management of the slats, you can protect yourself from the sun in summer and enjoy the sun's rays in winter.

The options
Equip your pergola with multiple options. Transparent vertical panels, vertical awnings or adjustable louvers, customize your installation for optimal comfort. Heating ramps for cooler evenings, integrated LED lighting ramps to go on until the end of the night.

The double game
Let the light in or adopt a reduced shadow. The Open'R²® pergola allows you to reduce the shadow cast up to 25% against 33% usually.

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