The OPEN'R bioclimatic pergola® bioclimatic pergola is equipped with retractable slats for a perfect control of the sunshine.

Towards the front, towards the back, the slats can now, thanks to an additional motor, retract and considerably reduce the obscuration of the terrace. Permanent and durable aluminum structure, the OPEN'R® pergola is available in 1 or more modules. No screws are visible for a perfect finish.


  • LED lighting integrated into the slats.
  • Lighting by colored LEDs integrated on the perimeter of the structure
  • Vertical blinds for protection against wind and prying eyes, also available with the window option.
  • Adjustable sunshade for maximum privacy and insulation
  • Transparent panels to create a winter garden.
  • Control your pergola from your smartphone, tablet or computer with the wifi control.
  • Prolong your evenings with the heating integrated into your pergola.

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