Add a new living space to your home! Our range of pergola can be adapted to your desires. We will make for you the pergola of your dreams!
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Create a relaxing outdoor space from the first rays of spring sunshine until late fall. This is the successful bet of our pergolas... Discover our different series.


With the new Open'R²® bioclimatic pergola, BioQlim offers a model with a double retraction of the blades. The slats are divided into two distinct packages that separate in the center of the pergola roof when opened. Maximum dimensions: 4000 x 5200 cm... Read more


The OPEN'R bioclimatic pergola® bioclimatic pergola is equipped with retractable blades for a perfect control of the sunshine. Towards the front, towards the back, the slats can now, thanks to an additional motor, retract and reduce the size of the roof... Read more


An innovative design structure, the OPEN bioclimatic pergola is equipped with slats that can be oriented up to 160° for perfect control of sunlight. In free-standing or wall-mounted, in one or more modules, the OPEN pergola has a flat roof and gutters to allow for a better view of the sun... Read more


Innovative design structure, the OPEN ARCHE bioclimatic pergola is the design evolution of our OPEN range. To know more about it


Equip your OPEN pergola with multiple options: vertical blinds or awnings with adjustable slats, heating ramps for cooler evenings, RGB color lighting around the perimeter to go all night long. Customize your installation for maximum comfort... Read more


Bioqlim presents its new design and innovative model, the IZI pergola. Its bioclimatic architecture ensures the most natural comfort possible, summer and winter. Thinner than its big sister, the Open, it has an aerial and subtle style. The undulating shape of its blades is a perfect complement to the... Read more


The Neo pergola is a canvas pergola with optional finishing by fixed oriented slats. From 1 to 4 modules, the Neo pergola can cover exceptional dimensions. This model sees the load bar and the canvas advanced to the maximum for a creation of shade... Read more

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