The BSO with flat louvers, a sober and aesthetically pleasing solution

The flat-blade brise-soleil orientable (BSO) offers a modern aesthetic, while the filigree side rails blend in with any façade.

Key features

  • Aesthetic design: P100 flat slats offer a sleek, modern design, contributing to a contemporary facade aesthetic.
  • Suitable for all types of facade: the flat shape adapts harmoniously to any facade.
  • Daylight regulation: allows regulation according to individual needs and optimum orientation of daylight.
  • Protection from sun and glare: The flat-blade brise-soleil orientable (BSO) provides protection from the sun and glare, and therefore optimal visual comfort.
  • Space-saving: The ideal flat-blade brise-soleil orientable (BSO) offers a lightweight, modern solution.
  • P100 flat blades: cable guidance for minimum package height and compact blade dimensions.
  • Blade width: 100 mm.

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